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AmLogic s805x GXL SoC board bring up

One of the previous projects was related to bringing up our newly developed board with the AmLogic s805x SoC CPU board. I will describe how the proccess of bringing up looks like, what was tested and also we will take a look how the AmLogic board flashing proccess is carried out for GXL platform (G12B and more recent are very similar). This is our board:

Our developed Z8 board with AmLogic s805x SoC

The first stage of bringup is to build image for reference board. Our case is p241. We took a113 sources for this. Build p241 reference sources:

Build image

# You need arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc and aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc to be installed in system toolchains
$ sudo apt-get install zlib1g zlib1g-dev
$ source buildroot/build/
# Choose “mesongxl_p241_32_kernel49” // 37
$ ln -s aml-4.9 kernel/aml-3.14
$ ln -s aml-4.9 hardware/aml-3.14
$ make

After the proccess in complete everything will be at output/mesongxl_p241_32_kernel49/images with folowing parts:

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